Surge Protectors

Surge Protectors

One of the add-ons that I strongly recommend is a surge protector. There are essentially two types of surge protectors on the market. Both carry a lot of value in their respective functions. First is what I call a "once-and-done" surge protector. This type of surge protector will get fried in the event of a power surge. However, it will cut the circuit preventing major electrical damage to your camper. The average cost of repairs after a power surge WITHOUT a surge protector is about $1,200.

The second type protects against power surges as well as low voltage. Low voltage has been a growing problem as campers have been coming out with more and more electronics and higher amperage draws due to added appliances and features. The electrical infrastructures of most campgrounds are not always capable of handling the larger draws on their electrical systems. It is not uncommon in the hottest days of summer to see the voltage output in any given campground running at about 80% of what it should be. The result of this will be excessive wear on your electrical components. Your average voltage should range between 112 and 122 volts. When it starts dipping below this, the amperage draw for your appliances to continue running at normal capacity goes up substantially.

Amperage draw is what creates heat in electronics. This is especially harmful in electric motors, of which your air conditioner has two. We have seen these results of harmful low voltage increasing substantially over the past few years. A prime example is that in the past 2 years we have replaced nearly 65 air conditioners that were less than 3 years old due to excessive wear. This low voltage protection may not always be convenient. It will cut out power in low voltage situations. But the value is undeniable, as it will save you thousands of dollars in appliance replacements in the long run.

My surge protector of choice is made by Progressive Industries. They are one of very few electrical component manufacturers still producing in the USA. I have found their products to be superior to those of their competitors.


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