Where to begin!? There is no way we could cover even half of the parts and accessories in the RV industry. We chose a few to start with, and would like to share our insights and opinions on them. Below is the list, and if you have questions on something we don't cover, or would like to see us address a specific topic or accessory, please let us know!


Are all batteries the same? Why do you need a battery, and how does it work?


Why did we chose to be a dealer for BoogeyLights ®? What do they have to offer?

Pie Irons

Wait - Pie Irons? You have an opinion on that? YUP! Come see Jim's!

Stabilizing Products

What types are there? How do they work?

Surge Protectors

Do I need one? Why? How do they work? What brand does Jim trust?

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