Pick Jim's brain!

You pick the subject, and Jim will have an opinion on it. And most of the time, he is happy to share that opinion!

We know that whether you are thinking of purchasing a new RV, or products to use with your current camper, you are picky. Not “just anything” will work for you. You are trying to solve a problem, after all! If your awning has mildew, you want to know that the FIRST thing you use will also be the LAST. You don’t have time to experiment with all the brands! If your camper dances every time someone walks through it, you want to fix the problem without having to learn so much you can write a thesis on the subject. That’s where Jim comes in. I sat down with him and picked his brain for you.


So, Jim, how do you choose what products to recommend?

“For over 30 years I have seen the results of people using certain products, and have used a wide array of products both in the shop, in travel, transportation, maintenance, and service - every way you can. I use a broad array of information to select different companies and products to work with and carry. First of all, how well does the product work, and what quality is it? Secondly, how is the company’s back end service and support for the end user? Thirdly, is the company capable of producing a good, consistent product? Fourth, is their pricing competitive? Do they charge a fair price for the product they make? Fifth, is the product safe, comfortable, and/or easy for the owner to use?

There are certain products in the industry that I will not sell. There are a couple of RV manufacturers on the market that do not provide good customer service and have low quality products. For these reasons I will not sell their products. I am not going to “name names” of products I won’t sell for various reasons, but I will try to explain why I recommend the products I do over their competitors.”

For over 30 years, our customers have asked us our opinion - and we want to help you have even more access to our wide array of industry knowledge! Here you will find information on our favorite brands, and why we choose to carry them. Dig a little deeper, and if that's not good enough - pick up the phone, or shoot us an email. We will be happy to help you find the perfect solution to fit YOUR specific needs!

The views and opinions expressed, and the information provided, are intended for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice. Jim’s Camper Service, Inc reserves the right change opinions at any time without notice.

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