Hitches & Towing

When it comes to hitches and towing products, we understand that there is a vast array of products and brands on the market. We do not make our product decisions based on market share or margins, as some retailers do. Our decisions in this category are based on our experiences with the products, in-house product comparisons (including quality of product, overall value, and functionality), and our knowledge about the manufacturers.

Click on the type of hitch you are interested in to find more information and product suggestions. And if you don't find the information you are looking for, give us a call! We are always happy to customize a solution for your specific needs.

Weight Distributing / Sway Control Hitches

Is there any difference between brands and types of weight distributing / sway control hitches? Why should you use one of these hitches when towing? Do YOU need one, for your purposes? Maybe, maybe not....

5th Wheel Hitches

What do we consider when choosing a hitch, what do we NOT like, and why? What are our preferred hitches, and what makes them our top picks?

Tow Bars & Towed Vehicle Braking Systems

What are the differences between the brands we offer? What tow bar fits your needs? What are towed vehicle braking systems, and why do you need to care about them?

Brake Controls

What options do you have? How do they work? What do we suggest, and why?

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