For years, we have been installing aftermarket LED kits on campers. However, we had frustrations with either the products we were using, or their manufacturers. We have found that BoogeyLights® has the best product of its kind in the industry. The quality of their products along with their customer service and support make them our top pick for lighting accessories. Their lights are brighter, and they have more color options than their competitors. You can control not only the color of the lights, but their intensity - so you don't have to worry about needlessly bothering your campground neighbors.

BoogeyLights®has an under-body lighting kit that allows for add-ons, with up to 96 feet of LED strips connected to one control box. A lot of RV owners find this useful, as well as cool. Some use it to see what they are doing under and around their RV, while others are concerned about potential tripping hazards at the campsite after dark. This solution provides lighting that you can control, all the way around your camper.

Besides the RV under-body lighting kit, BoogeyLights® also has solutions for step lighting, awning lights, and compartment lighting. Their lights have been used on many products, including tractor-trailers, pickups, motorcycles, golf carts, boats, ATVs, and even custom helicopters!

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