About Us

About Us

Jim Jr started Jim’s Camper Service in 1984, in a 24’ x 26’ barn. Word of his quality work and home-town ethics quickly got around in the then-small RV community, and customers started coming from miles around. Within a few short years, even an addition wasn’t enough to keep up with the demand, and land was purchased and a new shop built – this time with store and office space! As the customer list grew, so did Jim III, Jim’s son. Watching and helping and learning at his dad’s side, his first repair job was at the age of 6! Just a pip-squeak then, he squeezed into a tight space in a customer’s motorhome and was coached through the repair by his watchful dad.

As the RV industry grew, so did Jim’s Camper Service. New technology and designs required additional skills and knowledge to repair and maintenance the RVs. Avid campers led to a need for a fully stocked parts and accessories store on site, and suppliers with quick turnaround times for ordering after market parts. And alongside the RV industry came hobbies with very similar needs, such as trailers with living quarters for rodeos, racing, and tractor pulling. We started building custom units, from the ground up, according to our customers’ unique needs. We customized their current trailers with full or partial living quarters – whatever they wanted! We have even transformed a motorhome into a tailgating vehicle (complete with Cornhuskers curtains!).

In 2013, after working together for many years, Jim Jr and his son Jim III made a decision. It was time to pass on the family business. Jim III and his wife, Lori, bought Jim’s Camper Service in the fall of 2013, and have run it together since then. Jim trains all of our techs, so all jobs are taken care of with continuity of quality and workmanship.

For years, Jim’s Camper Service customers have asked for advice on what campers are best, and what they should consider when buying a camper. Who better to ask than someone who has seen them all, inside and out? So for years, the idea of a dealership was tossed around. When Jim III and Lori took over in the fall of 2013, they added the dealership side to the business! It was a whole new ballgame.

From the beginning, there were 2 main contenders. Keystone RV and Evergreen RV. Evergreen was a newer company, and had started on the premise of building a better, higher quality RV. We liked that! So we signed on as an Evergreen dealer. Unfortunately, Evergreen folded three years later, in June of 2016, closing with no notice to anyone, and leaving many suppliers and dealers on the hook financially. Before they closed however, we already had the Keystone ball rolling. We became an exclusive Keystone dealer in April of 2016, and have never looked back. Keystone RV is a widely known, long respected leader in the RV industry, and it has been a pleasure to work with them.

We look forward to growing our business and serving our customers in new and exciting ways! If you have any questions, comments, customer reviews, or suggestions, please feel free to contact us via the contact form – we would love your feedback!